Bending 6061 Aluminum Sheet

  • Can 6061 aluminum plate be bent without cracking? The answer is yes! Many industries will have bending requirements when performing secondary processing of 4 x 8 aluminum sheet. Not all grades of aluminum sheet are suitable for welding. Even though this grade of aluminum sheet is suitable for bending, its different tempers are not necessarily suitable for bending. Today, let's talk about whether the 6061 aluminum plate is suitable for bending?
    6061 aluminum plate can be bent, but it needs to see what kind of tempering it is in. Generally speaking, 6061 aluminum sheet and H112 in T6 condition are not suitable for bending. Bend 90 degrees in both states and it will break. How to bend 6061 aluminum plate? Bending 6061 aluminum sheet should be done after annealing and softening. The hardness of the 6061 aluminum plate can be improved by aging treatment during the bending process. However, it should be noted that deformation will occur during aging treatment. Control temperature and temperature during aging.
    The 6061 t6 aluminum plate can be bent, but the hardness is higher in the t6 state, and the curved surface of the 6061 t6 aluminum plate is easy to wrinkle or crack. In contrast, 6061-O temper aluminum plate is more suitable for bending. Too thick aluminum plate is not easy to bend, we understand it when we think about it, try to use thinner bending 6061 Aluminum Sheet. The larger the bending R angle, the higher the success rate, so try to increase the bending R angle. The bending direction should be perpendicular to the grain direction of the 6061 aluminum plate, not parallel. For aluminum plate parts that need to be deep drawn, if the process allows, it is best to bend and then draw, otherwise the probability of bending cracking will increase.

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