I was able to get a tonne of cobalt

  • I was still miles behind the people from Botanica I was like What have you done to prep for WoTLK Gold the wrath of God? How do you get to level 72? Now? I was awestruck by the fact that. Of course, the brew festival there was a 10% XP bonus The brew fest is held between 6:15am and 6:15pm. If you're standing on those grounds it's not enough time to make that decision.

    In addition, if you still join in on the brewfest that is taking place, you could still earn that 10% XP bonus I think that would greatly help. Also, I would like to say some other aspects that I found to be really interesting regarding this launch aside from other players amazing me with their speed leveling capabilities was the fact that I actually mine, or as if I felt like there's no chance I'm touching anything in Outland as if everything was going to be mined. we mined.

    I was able to get a tonne of cobalt ore I was shocked and so have mining I'm sure is a herbalist you've had a wonderful time collecting herbs, but it was crazy because like they are on my server's benediction, they are selling for more than five gold per ore which is over 100 Gold . The first deck was 20 and I thought this is crazy. This is a great gold. It's as if every time I see an cobalt mine, I'm like give me drop everything you're doing. Get it now. I was thinking this is now the best time to go and get it.

    Then, amazed by the fact that though I ran to go look for them, I wouldn't be able to buy WoTLK Classic Gold find them until I managed to find a rare blue gem or a unique I would say blue and blue in outline. It is the most stunning gem I've ever mined out so happy about that.

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