Croconys Shore is probably the largest area

  • When you climb the ladder halfway through the Lost Ark Gold Cavern dungeon, you’ll get quite the welcoming committee from the north. After the first small wave of bandits, a hoard will descend on you from the northeast – including a Toxiclaw Elite Archer.

    As you head through the first half of the Toxiclaw Cavern dungeon, you’ll need to destroy six poison jars. After destroying the first four, just before you get to the ladder leading up, you’ll be attacked by a lone Toxiclaw Explorer.

    Croconys Shore is probably the largest area in the first four continents of Lost Ark. But you’re rewarded with a bumper crop of 18 mokoko seeds as you work your way through it. While its Stormcry Grotto dungeon brings the area’s total to 30 with another 12 seeds.

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    However, they’re not all easy to find. Four of the mokokos are in two secret areas. The first at the top of a hidden cliff climb and the others on the wrong side of a barrier you’ll need to spend quite a bit of time smashing down. But on the plus side, you don’t need any songs to get by them. So, if you want all the locations, just follow our seed-by-seed guide below.

    When you enter Croconys Shore from the Wavestrand Port portal, follow the southeast path and head right (southwest) at the fork. As you move into the area filled with plunderers and their dogs, stick to the northern edge. You’ll see three barrels next to the point where you can look down from the cliff to more barrels and a path below. The first mokoko is to the left of the third barrel in the grass.

    For the second seed, head into the village and up into the northern corner. You’ll see a large cheapest Lost Ark Gold waterwheel next to a large building. The mokoko is at the base of the wheel by a fisherman working on a net.

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