World of Warcraft has traditionally launched a few new expansio

  • Additionally, Blizzard is introducing ten new cards to the Classic set WoTLK Gold. They are available via Classic packs or craft. It claims it will constantly add new Classic cards to ensure an "healthy number of readily available cards" by playing Standard games, while it introduces some cards to the Hall of Fame. The company has said that the cards will be available with the next update however, it didn't give a specific date.

    World of Warcraft has traditionally launched a few new expansions every year, with minor balance adjustments between. This year, the game is more active during the time between major expansions by introducing other game-related events and updates. Following the launch of the most recent expansion in April, the single-player version was released in May. In June, the game released its first ever set of buffs for cards, along with the brand-new card. You'll be able to get that card for free if you sign on until July 1st.

    A couple of other shocking changes have been made related to Baku the Mooneater and Genn Greymane Two cards came out in The Witchwood. Normally, Blizzard would prefer to wait for expansions of cards to be released by themselves, however these two cards, which introduced the powerful "Odd" or "Even" decks -- have become too frequent and are at risk of obscuring the new cards released this year. The Blizzard community of fans has been particularly open about the negative impact they've had in the sport. Gloom Stag cheap WoTLK Gold, Black Cat, Glitter Moth, and Murkspark Eel are also joining the Hall of Fame, since they all depended on the odd/even mechanic of Baku as well as Genn.

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