This was one step in an ongoing fight

  • It follows an announcement made last week that Lost Ark Gold stated Smilegate had "been engaged in formulating effective tools and methods to remove players from their game" and had banned more than one million "bot" accounts from its servers(opens in new window) from March 4.

    Nveda Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Vit D3 & Vit B 12 Tablets PACK OF 2"Last Friday, we began disabling bots that target over a million fraudulent accounts," the update said (thanks, NME(opens in new tab)). "We are aware that this won't resolve the issue on its own and there are bots that are present in the game, therefore we'd like to give an assurance that this was one step in an ongoing fight.

    "Following the initial ban, we're constantly rolling out additional bans to clear out many bots who are playing the game. In addition, we're working on internal strategies and tools to make it harder for bots in the game, particularly with the rate at which they're being developed. These updates will soon be being implemented into the game. "We've also received concerns from players about the effect these bots could have on game's economy in relation to gold purchases and sales and we're following this situation," the post explained. "We have also changed the reward for gold to silver for some Rapport in addition to Guide Quest rewards in order to avoid the misuse that these programs can be used cheap Lost Ark Gold by bots and gold farmers."

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