It could be a good idea spend some of your Lost Ark

  • While it doesn't really count to be "farming" in the traditional MMO sense of the word Lost Ark Gold is a good idea to complete the most Island Quests possible in order to increase your earning potential. There is nothing like Island Quests in terms of the quickest and most efficient methods of earning as many Pirate Coins as possible.On that subject, you'll want to be on the lookout for the start on the first day of Procyon's Compass event, which awards players with additional Pirate Coins for completing special assignments in connection with Field Bosses Ghost Ships, Chaos Gate activities, or Island Quests. It's worth making a option to take part in this event when it's available to you.

    Beyond that, your best chance of earning Pirate Coins is to complete Marine Events whenever they appear in the quickest time possible. They're the most reliable source of Pirate Coins once the Islands Quest water supply has run out. This is also true for Una's tasks: both daily and weekly events that usually reward you with quite a few treasured Pirate Coins. Similar to Procyon's Compass, taking advantage of these opportunities means scheduling your work in a manner that allows you to just jump in when you are able to.

    It's not any big deal in the event that you fail to catch one here as well, however it could be a good idea spend some of your Lost Ark sessions to acquiring as many Pirate Coins as possible so that you don't have to worry about earning smaller quantities of them during normal play.You are also able to find Pirate Coins while fishing, however, the rewards from this activity are random cheap Lost Ark Gold and there isn't any method to beat with the RNG system. In that sense, I would not recommend prioritizing the fishing activity over another except if you happen to desire to go fishing for any reason.

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