The full questline is not only awards players with Island Soul

  • Golden Wave Island. It's a paradise filled with treasure chests Lost Ark Gold. Go to the island if you're looking for plenty of things (Pirate Coins, card packs and green engravings) for very little effort.

    Panda Island. Don't sail past this island if your a fan of panda's. Apart from that, there's an extremely short red and yellow questline that will reward you with lots of Silver, Weapon and Armor Crystals, Harmony Shards and Harmony Leap

    Turtle Island. The full questline is not only awards players with Island Soul and valuable Jewel Coral however, it also grants you the Turtle mount. You can even choose its color.

    Serenity Island. Within a couple of minutes you'll have a good stack of Weapon and Armor Crystals. Additionally, you'll acquire a Skill Potion by doing this Stone of Power quest, which requires a repeat of an earlier dungeon, the Morai Ruins and Tortoyk's Heart dungeons.

    Peyto, Glacier Island, Lullaby Island, and Dreamgull Island. While technically a boat Lost Ark Gold for sale you can visit Peyto and complete one of the quests on Peyto. You must take the yellow quest that gives you an emote. Also, obtain the Song of Resonance from Treasure Hunter Igran (you'll need it for the others islands). Then, leave for Glacier Island and continue the quest chain. Then, you can go to Lullaby Island, do the quests again, and get The Forest's Minuet song. Utilize the song in order to finish Dreamgull Island. It's going to take some time, but you'll end up being armed with 4 Islands Souls and heaps of upgrades materials.

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