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  • Island Souls (also known as Island Tokens) are the main Lost Ark Gold reward for completing an island challenge. It is possible to learn more about the challenges by talking with Opher the NPC to the north of The Lonely Island northwest of Pleccia (right on the map). After opening the dialogue window select the section you want to see (such in 'chest' 'adventure quest', or Rapport) by moving your mouse over the category with Island Souls.Opher is also the NPC to reach out to if your goal is to trade your Island Souls to earn rewards. Give your Island Souls to the statue on the shore first (a little further to the east) and then speak to Opher to obtain the following items:

    Adventure Islands can be found in every day game-ending activity. To locate one, open Procyon's Compass and then click on the "appearance notification ' option. You'll see when and where you can expect the following Adventure Islands will appear. You can also see the recommended item levels and the anticipated rewards.

    Sailing to the Adventure Island and wait for access. You can't see the island in the moment buy Lost Ark Gold, but you're in the right location when you see a maelstrom that is surrounded by other boats congregating. When there is an Adventure Island appears, right-click to enter. The quest begins automatically. Just follow the objective and don't be afraid to ask for assistance on the chatroom if your quest is unclear.

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