You'll have the chance to get these chests

  • Lost Ark is getting two more rounds of the only weekend-only Fever Time event to close the month of Lost Ark Gold the month of July. The event will allow you to benefit once on a the Saturday, and on the Sunday. This event is part of the recently added bonus progressions that were added following that July Spells In Spades update.

    The progression bonuses included in the July update are running and they include The Punika Powerpass, by which you can upgrade any character instantly until item level 1302 with a single use of the pass. Also, there are Hyper Express events. So, any character who is 1302+ (including those who are insta-leveled on your roster) gains access to various challenges that can help them get to the level of item 1370. It also allows players to join Abyssal Challenge Dungeons, which will reward winners with tools for honing their skills.

    In the future, you'll have the chance to get these chests provided you sign in on Saturday and Sunday between 3:01 AM PST and 2:59 AM PT on the Saturday and one time during the same times on Sunday in order to submit your claims.

    In addition to the thrilling combat action and customizing fighting style, another cheapest Lost Ark Gold feature that helps make Lost Ark among the top MMORPGs can be found in the Emotes system. Emotes enable gamers to show their emotions whether they're celebrating victory or showing signs of stress when being snatched. Whatever the case, the emoticons will bring the world of Arkesia alive. Before you go on, read Lost Ark Destroyer Build.

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