PETGAG films

  • We supply high quality PETGAG films
    PET GAG film is petg/apet/petg STRUCTURE.
    GAG-PET Film (A/B/A) – "A" layer made of G-PET.
    PETG has excellent processability and formability. PETG is rapidly replacing existing materials such as PC and PMMA due to its excellent safety, transparency and chemical resistance.
    We are also proud to manufacture GAG sheets.
    GAG and G-PET are widely used in electronic heating work, high impact packaging and are now an alternative to DECO-sheet.

    1. We adopt three-layer co-extrusion process, similar to ABA type. The B layer is a PET sheet, and the A layer is a PETG sheet. PETG is an ideal material for thermoplastics, and the operating temperature range is 180℃~220℃.
    2. High frequency welding is possible.
    3. High transparency.

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