Mr Level 132 Counters with something like.

  • I've had at least 3 arguments with nubs who believe they are more powerful than me. This is because I don’t wear my 99 cape all day long. I'm not able to tell you that I fletched 99 times, but I did it for money for RuneScape gold a time. I ended up at 96 and a quarter and then decided to include it as an option to trim my already 99-strongness. 99 fm is a poor excuse for an '99. The 99 fletch cape I have isn't something I am proud in or wear.

    Ok, so i was slaying my way through the kuradel dungeon. However, as i continue to beat through a few abyssals i notice that two people are having a deep conversation. I would normally ignore them completely and move on with my assignment. However, a particular phrase caught my attention.

    "No way dude black people can't afford to play this game". It was hilarious! My balls were hurting from laughing so hard that I could not stop laughing.

    I usually avoid these little conversations. I don't mind when they turn to be heated, but this morning I was feeling very bad so I decided to make an opening line. Which is perfectly true. "I'M BLACK and I PLAY RUNNESCAPE!" Surprise!" In a brief moment, I felt pure power, like my balls had grown a few more inches...

    It was a good feeling. ok, ok...that last part isnt an actual fact. This is known as fallows. I was unsure if these were serious or a joke. So I apologize if this appears absurd and ridiculous, but it is the truth.

    I'd like to add the following lines. However, anyone can discern what the chatroom looked like after those few lines. and a level 13 joins.

    My sluggish nature*because any further black marks could result in the ban of my account*, i often stop talking at this point. This was getting very interesting, and I could not resist. The level 132 declares the player is part of an all-black people clan! Player1 declares that his father is a part of the clan and hates blacks.

    Mr Level 132 Counters with something like. "I'll get all blacky channing all over your sexy bods". Then, the shizzle gets to the point whereby then, other players in the dungeon are interested and choosing sides. There were 8 individuals in the dungeon and everyone except for one level 116 began to side with one another. They began breaking rules and shouting out racist remarks. The r.s. chat box looked like 50cent's script. Everyone ignored level 116 because there was no sign of speaking.

    A few minutes later, a number of passerby and world-hoppers joined in the fun. Another 5 minutes passed before the members of the "all black clan" at level 132 started to appear. It was similar to buy RS gold jerry springer, but with steroids, in runescape! It was an all-out black against. blue verbal battle! At its peak it was a crowded 17-person dungeon. inside the underground dungeon.

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