OSRS Gold Double Exp is scheduled to officially

  • OSRS Gold Double Exp is scheduled to officially begin on Friday, February 18th. The duration will be 10 days. With only a few of these every year, it seems likely that we'll need to be patient for another. Be sure to map out your goals and think about the steps you're taking to get maximum value from those extra XP.

    When is scheduled to take place the next Double XP event in RuneScape?

    This was the very final Double XP event of 2021 after the previous one was over in November. Over the last few years, there are usually not more than four events per year . This is for obvious reasons. They're required to be a big deal!

    If we were to look ahead to the next date it was predicted that we'd expect it to happen in February, and that turned out to be true. . As early as 2014 there has been the Double or Bonus XP event happening at the moment. Based on how the previous events have gone, we wouldn't expect any future changes since Jagex seem to have perfected this formula.

    The players get 48 hours of Double XP points to benefit from over around 10 days. There was one outlier where the event lasted 21 days. The 10 day events are more likely to draw large numbers of participants due their limited scope.

    For those who don't of the RuneScape is an enormous deal. A darned big deal. In the sense of the MMORPG world. It's now in its 21st year It's among the largest MMORPGs available and possibly the best free one. The game's theme is high fantasy and has a strong medieval theme that runs through it . This combination works extremely well. Just inquire with J.K. Rowling.

    RuneScape is an important game for me personally because of three small points that include: being the first MMORPG I played, the first game that I can be said to have been addicted to; and it was the first game that can be described as "online" even though it's not the top. That's three gaming milestones to not be ignored.

    Following a brief , basic tutorial on the aptly called Tutorial Island I found myself being thrown into the unremarkable but quite enjoyable riverside town of Lumbridge. There, every new starter masters the basic mechanics, such as how to build fire or place money into the bank. It's important to note that, in RuneScape, everyone starts out runescape 3 gold in a fair playing field (weirdly starting at level 3).