I found it since the time I began Runescape years prior

  • Nightmare zone is a fight minigame that is located to the north of Yanille RuneScape Gold. It involves fighting bosses players have already encountered in questing. The entire process occurs in a dream in which nightmares attack the player. The dream is created through Dominic Onion NPC who is a dreamer.

    To be able to play in this mini-game, you need to accomplish at least five tasks from the list below. The easiest ones are Tree Gnome Village, The Grand Tree, Fight arena, Vampire Slayer, Lost City. There are also over 20 other quests that can be completed and unlocks a new boss that can be fought in the arena.

    NMZ was created through Dominic Onion. A few years prior, Dominic had a dream in which he saw a wonderful structure where he was in charge of a lucrative and successful business. Once he woke up when he awoke, he told his Dad about the dream.

    The only thing he did was laugh at the poor Dominic who promised himself He will discover what the meaning of the dream. He left home to study Oneiromancy and Lunar Isle trying to find the exact location of the tower from his dreams. When he ran out of money he moved north of Yanille and started the company of selling dreams. The Nightmare Zone name wasn't invented by Dominic as that's what people from Yanille refer to it.

    There are three different options - endurance, practice and the rumble. Practice - This mode has been created to ensure that people who visit Nightmare Zone for the first time will be able to see what the game truly is Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold. Bosses in this mode are simple and do not offer any experiences. There's no payment fee to be entered and quests are your only condition.