Path of Exile patch 3.16.2b can satisfy players

  • For many games, they all have various errors as the game is updated. Recently, GGG released patch 3.16.2b, which fixes Map Stash Tab Conversion on Standard. This will improve the game experience of players, and players can also prepare some POE Currency to make themselves in the game more smoothly. Here are some of the content of patch 3.16.2b about bug fixes and improvements.

    Most buff effect modifiers can no longer reverse the effect of buffs. This fixes a bug where the Shock effect may be reversed, causing players to be completely immune to damage.
    Improved the display of Supportable Skills when hovering over Support Gem.
    Fixed the bug that only the instance owner can get passive skill points, passive skill refund points, and Ascendancy passive skill points when Endless Heist reaches a certain level.
    Fixed a bug where reducing the maximum Leech number of Per Leech to below zero would not prevent life drain

    Fixed that legacy Hyrri’s Truths that existed before 3.16.0 did not improve Mana Reservation Efficiency for Precision.
    Fixed a bug where Expedition NPCs could not be dismissed from the hiding place.
    Fixed a bug that changing the Guild Hideout and then switching to the new hideout tileset would not save the changes made
    Fixed a visual bug where General’s Cry would briefly turn the player’s character black when used

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