The above entries are examples of common pures


    A character that has good range and high levels of defence. The addition of points to RuneScape Gold Defence allows them to use Barrows equipment. They typically attempt to achieve at least 94 Magic to unleash Vengeance during fighting. To compensate for high levels of Ranged, Defence, and Magic, they usually cut down on their Attack, Strength and Prayer capabilities.

    It's a member's variant that is a member's version of Rune Pure. Since dragon-tier items need 60 defence and 60 attack and 60 Attack, these stats are mandatory for Dragon Pure. The typical speed for this combination includes Dragon Scimitar and a Dragon Dagger (p+) to add an extra unexpected element of surprise that is derived from its unique attack. Those who want to add even more spice to this build can also opt for Dragon Claws special attack.

    The last but not least, we have the Barrows account that is on this list. It is exactly as the name implies the account makes use of one of the Barrows device, which needs 70 defense. Another stat that is typically leveled is Prayer, capped at 70 to be used for Piety prayer. Strength and Attack levels must be raised to ensure players are in a position to wear items like Dharok's Greataxe.

    As these accounts usually max nearly everything, with the exception of Defence and Prayer, they don't have as much restriction as other pures. A lot of players who select this path for their account are maining them. It also means that they make use of PvE contents and other attributes other than combat skills.

    The above entries are examples of common pures that are the most frequently used among Old School RuneScape players. Although they're excellent as a player versus the player however there's also other ways of building characters that can be even more effective. If you'd like to create your own pure characters, you are able to decide which particular traits are important to you as well as which are not.

    Do not forget to pass certain checkpoints. For instance, if you would like to create an Pure that is specifically Ranged it is important to maximize this stat while keeping your melee statistics to a minimum. If you are planning to sneak a specific attack like a Granite Maul in it take 50 in Strength and Attack. But less than that. Also, you will require at least 43 prayers to support defensive prayers, such as Protect From Melee. The more equipment and special attacks that you get the higher your OSRS Gold For Sale Combat Level will increase So always be aware of the levels you're aiming for.