You weren't playing with yourself as part


    Editor's note: in the fourth quarter of a match with the Raiders in Madden nfl 22 coins the playoffs against the Broncos that took place on December. 2 in 1990 Jackson scored a 62-yard scoring rushing touchdown. He broke five tackles in the process of getting to the goal line. Jackson ended the day with 13 carries , more than 117 yards with two scores.

    The Denver game that I was playing as soon as I passed the linemen, I ran over a linebacker, jumped over someone else. If I'm not mistaken I ran into their All-Pro linebacker, [Karl] Mecklenburg who sprinted past the defensive back until where the line of goal was. It's a play that stands out for me because I had to do everything from getting someone to miss, leap down, to get low and run for 60 yards to score a touchdown.

    What thoughts were going through your head when you first saw your self on Madden cover?

    I sat back and thought, 'Man, you're still here. I did it right. This is what I say to guys who are like Derrick Henry and Saquon Barkley Take it slow and do it correctly. If you're done right in the beginning, you'll be remembered forever.

    The Madden curse shouldn't affect you at the moment you think?

    Why is there a Madden curse? [Laughs.] It's impossible to be affected.

    You weren't playing with yourself as part of Tecmo Bowl. Do you plan to play with yourself in Madden?

    I don't know. What I am doing at the moment is spending lots of time with my new grandson. That's why I'll likely buy the game, and keep it for him. I'm really looking forward to it coming out. Yes, I'll have my own collection of Madden games to hand out to friends and family as Christmas gifts.

    The Madden 22 Bo Knows Legends release continues with the next set of player cards that will be available into Ultimate Team. In the first release players could obtain all-time greats, including Dan Dierdorf and buy Mut 22 coins Bruce Smith. EA can add 4 more legends to the mix with an ex Pro Bowl quarterback Randall Cunningham and Super Bowl champion Mike Singletary. Let's check out who's playing the game.