Another easy VC technique that has been making

  • These strategies are often referred to as "glitch" but they're more work than Nba 2k22 Mt you imagine. If you're not prepared to repeatedly repeated and repeated attempts to earn more money, these tricks aren't worth it.

    It is also important to note that, similar to all VC errors in the NBA 2K series, it's possible that using these techniques in a way that is obvious can result in having your account suspended. Although 2K has not been as severe in dealing with these kinds of penalties recently.

    Make sure you understand that you're taking risks by using any unsanctioned pathway to getting VC. We cannot be held accountable for any disciplinary action that may be taken consequence of these mistakes. Let's move on to the great stuff now to ensure we've done everything we can to cover all possible bases.

    In the days following NBA 2K22 was released, players found out they could receive easy VC simply by quitting the version that was next-gen right when their first Brickley's Gym game was coming to an end. This is still technically feasible when you update the game to 2K22 however there's an added wrinkle to the process. To earn your VC as well as badge progress from the match, you actually must win the game every time.

    Now, open your MyCareer and make sure you're on the right profile. Go inside the gym, and play your first game by speaking to the NPC inside. When your badge progress has filled up at the end of the game, you are able to exit the game.

    You can quickly speed-travel after loading back in and pressing the right bumper. If the glitch has been fixed right, you'll see that it's as though you never played it, but you'll still keep whatever badge progress or VC you gained from the previous win. Continue playing the game and continue to win. Enjoy the rewards.

    Another easy VC technique that has been making waves in the 2K community over the last few hours is an issue with the current generation courts. Particularly, this glitch works most effectively on the 10k VC courts, but it technically functions on any court that you'd like to receive a lesser reward.

    As outlined in his video by Geminus the trick is a court that is empty and a lot of coordination. The two teams must be loaded in , and as soon after your player's name turns white once all players are present, wait five seconds and have one team with three players leave the field together.

    In the present, players must be able to earn "My Point" points for experience by playing professional games, completing tasks, street basketball games, etc. in order to increases the character limit. In simple terms even if a lot of VC Coins and you have increased the capabilities of your characters to the highest level in the start of the game, you have cheap 2k22 mt to earn "My Point" experience by playing continuously to train your characters to be the best NBA stars. .