All in all, Garrosh has tons of front line experience

  • Thrall's upbringing and training. As we come to this point, Thrall Burning Crusade Classic Gold hasn't seen actual fights in real life for years up to a decade or more. He was the leader of the rebellion against prison camps, founded the modern Horde, and then slipped into a leadership position and then later into an primarily shamanistic position. He's certainly got impressive muscle memory, and probably got some sparring time in the course of his life or went for an excursion on the PC however, you aren't able to stay away from any activity and you'll suck at it. It's likely that he's a skilled fighter, but not quite enough to compete with the best warriors.

    Garrosh's training and upbringing However, this wasn't the case always. He had a fever when he was younger but he didn't always get sick. Garrosh and the other orcs in their youth should be taught and coached by the older orcs. My memory is hazy and I'm sure that Garrosh is portrayed early on as the best orc in Garadar combat-wise and his apathy or lethargy is fairly recent before we even get to. The novels also provide an image of Garrosh as a character who would fight every day with the Kor'kron. In his duel with Cairne, his attacks are described as strong and strong, skilled, however his youthfulness and confidence were masked by the elder tauren's experience. Saurfang stated that he was a formidable warrior with very few rivals in combat. However, his leadership capabilities were not up to par. He was not sufficiently familiar with the details in close. This is also ignoring the genetic predisposition towards being an ardent warrior (he was born into the Warsong clan, after all). Garrosh is an excellent warrior with a few flaws.

    I believe that this is because Thrall did not keep his skills and abandoned them to the side to be replaced by his shamanistic abilities and due to Garrosh's skills and genetic makeup... it's no surprise that Garrosh was winning until Thrall invoked the elements.

    Thrall does not know the cause he's fighting. He's not fighting Garrosh to bring Garrosh realize his mistake or to make him kill him. Instead, he's fighting Garrosh to feel guilty. Garrosh however, on the other however, knows exactly what he is fighting for- to bring down Thrall. Garrosh is kicked by Thrall until Thrall realizes there is no chance to save him, and that Garrosh has to be confronted.

    All in all, Garrosh has tons of front line experience dealing with powerful enemies. He almost beat Thrall in their first Mak'gora without Gorehowl. After cutting Thrall off from the elements, he was able to defeat Thrall in their second battle. It's only natural that he would be winning their third battle before the elements came into play.

    Since magic is not allowed without a reason this makes no sense that Warchiefs of Orcs are warriors and leaders and not magicians. Don't forget that, despite being rare lorewize, magic users of the warcraft universe possess cataclysmic powers in comparison to non-magic users.Thrall is the son of a hero and upright. It's normal for him be taller than the majority of orcs. Once he was attuned to the elements, and embraced the shamanism path, as is normal for him to have got softer. In the cheap WOW TBC Gold meantime, Garrosh was a hero's son and a hero, never stopped working on his knife skills. Garrosh is also famous for his tenacity in warcraft.