Facebook stops using facial recognition software


    There are growing concerns about the ethics of facial recognition technology. with questions about privacy racial bias and precision Regulators have not yet set clear rules on how to use them, the company said.Faced with criticism about the impact on users So far, social media app users have opted in to a feature that scans their faces in pictures and notifies them if someone else on the platform posts their photos.

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    In a blog post, Jerome Pesenti, the company's vice president of artificial intelligence, said: "Amid this ongoing uncertainty, We believe it is appropriate to limit the use of facial recognition to a narrower use case.Other tech companies such as Amazon and Microsoft have suspended sales of facial recognition products to police as the use of the technology becomes more controversial.

    Facebook, which owns the world's largest social media network, also owns Instagram and messaging service Whatsapp, is under increasing pressure from regulators and politicians.It is facing increased scrutiny from regulators including the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, which has filed antitrust lawsuits alleging it is anti-competitive.

    and last month A former employee accused the company of unethical behavior. Frances Haugen published a cache of internal documents in which she said Facebook had made profits before the safety of its users.