Chinese textile industry condemns the US Boycott Xinjiang


    The China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC) condemned the signing of the so-called law. "Uyghur Labor Protection Act" of the United States.

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    The act has severely damaged China's overall interests. and aroused great resentment from Chinese society. The textile industry and consumers, according to a statement released by CNTAC along with 12 affiliated associations on Saturday.

    The statement said the United States blocked Xinjiang-made goods unilaterally into international supply chains. It is the behavior of sovereignty. and has set a disgusting and dangerous precedent in the field of economic and international trade rules.

    In a statement, CNTAC reiterated that there was no "forced labor" in China's northwestern autonomous region. And Xinjiang cotton plays an important role in the international supply chain. This will account for nearly 20 percent of global cotton production in 2021 with 5.129 million tonnes of output.