Path of Exile: Scourge patch notes

  • With the opening of Path of Exile: Scourge, a lot of new content has been launched, including new challenge leagues, new skill gems, redesigned passive skill trees, endgame improvements, new unique items, and more POE Currency rewards.

    Blood Crucible is a magical item that runs through the entire game. It will be filled with the blood of countless enemies killed by the players. The player enters another Wraeclast ravaged by demons by activating Blood Crucible. The more blood collected, the longer it takes for the player to enter the parallel world. In order to withstand more and more damage, players can buy POE Currency to enhance their character abilities.

    Players can also put items into Blood Crucible. After killing enough enemies, it will use a pair of Flashes modifiers to upgrade. Players can re-roll items by killing more monsters, which will provide a new set of modifiers. Blood Crucible has its own passive skill tree, so players can Buy POE Currency to upgrade it, which will increase the number of inventory slots and the speed of item conversion.

    The developers of Path of Exile rebalanced all passive skills, focused their power on one primary function, and transferred many niche statistics to a new system called Passive Skills Mastery.

    Path of Exile: Scourge introduces many new skill gems to help create more new buildings than ever before. These skill gems can all be bought with POE Currency. Some of them allow players to convert their energy shields into energy blades, summon a deadly tornado powered by their own projectiles, and even allow players’ characters to return in time through a time gap.

    Scourge is a full extension, and there are hundreds of patch notes to accompany it.