Path of Exile: Scourge extension is fully online

  • Path of Exile: Scourge is available on both PC and game consoles. Players have already experienced the Scourge Challenge League brought by the new expansion, new skill gems, rework of the passive skill tree, improvements to the Atlas endgame, new endgame content, and new Guild functions, new unique items and more. Because Path of Exile: Scourge is difficult, many players choose to Buy POE Orbs in the early stage of the game to widen the gap with other players.

    In Path of Exile: Scourge, the player must fill Blood Crucible with the blood of the enemy, and then move to another Wraeclast ravaged by apocalyptic events to kill powerful demons and create devastating objects. The resources and POE Currency that players need are got by killing and plundering. Players can place an item in Blood Crucible, let it absorb the corruption of enemies that will be killed in the alternative version of Wraeclast continent, and finally give it new modifiers to make it more powerful.

    Atlas is the endgame content of Path of Exile. Atlas allows players to place maps in Blood Crucible. The modifiers got through corrosion can be used under certain circumstances, and the corresponding map will be opened and played. Map can be converted up to ten times.

    GGG has transformed the game’s iconic passive skill tree: it has not only rebalanced all passive skills and merged their power around their principal functions, but also transferred many niche statistics to a new system called Passive Skill Master. This new system makes the tree easier to understand and gives players more freedom when planning passive skills. These will be more conducive to players to get more Path of Exile Currency and equipment.

    Path of Exile: Scourge also rebalanced some key passives and added six new keys to the tree. New passive abilities and new gems will help players use stronger abilities.It is also helpful to buy POE Currency.