The difficulty of New World has increased

  • New World Into The Void update changed the endgame content and loot, which frustrated fans. New World never shies away from training, especially when farming, to get the highest level of better equipment. But the recent Into the Void update has changed many of New World’s elite enemies and elite POI, making the game more difficult.

    According to reports, this update makes the elite enemies in the open world of the game more powerful, so players need a large group of people to farm elite POI effectively, where higher-level equipment and more New World Gold are more likely to drop. It also seems to make the treasure chests in the elite area less valuable.

    Although it becomes more difficult and disappointing, especially for single players. But the reason many players are more frustrated is that Amazon Game Studios has not informed about these changes before. Players must discover the changes themselves during the exploration. Amazon Game Studios said they hope players can go to various areas to make materials and equipment. It is precisely because of new equipment and equipment that players are more able to accept challenges. Of course, if players want to save time, they can directly spend New World Gold to buy the materials they need.

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    Endgame in New World mainly includes planting enemies and treasure chests in elite areas in order to get better equipment. Although there are other endgame content technically, such as dungeon-like expeditions, they require more effort, which leads players to focus on cultivating elite areas in the open world to upgrade their equipment. Or players can buy New World Gold to upgrade equipment.

    In addition, Amazon Game Studios hopes players will take part more in different endgame content, such as expeditions, and will take measures to better integrate them into the player’s endgame loop. Players can cooperate with other players if they face this more arduous task. It is helpful to buy New World Gold at IGGM. IGGM will offer a 5% discount on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday and the discount code is “Thanks”.