How to improve equipment in Path of Exile: Scourge?

  • If players have been looking for ways to knock down enemies faster, and noticed that they can’t cause as much damage to them, it’s probably not a problem with character ratings. This is usually a common misunderstanding of players. They think that their character ratings may not be high enough, but it is most likely a problem with their own equipment. Under normal circumstances, players need to consider using POE Orbs and items to improve their equipment.

    This means that players need to understand that certain formulas can play such a role. For example, players can get Scroll Fragment, Transmutation Shard, and Alteration Shard by selling white, blue and identified magic items. Armorer’s Scrap is also very useful and can be got by selling armor, as long as the overall quality is 40%.

    Players can use these recipes to make Scroll of Wisdom, which can help them identify items. Then, players can use the newly gained Orb of Transmutation and Orb of Alteration to make magic items and re-roll the magic item modules. 

    Players need to focus on upgrading weapons and armor. If players want to improve their defense and attack output, they can try to master the method of making rare PoE items. Although this method is expensive, it is definitely worth sticking to, especially before players study the PoE Unique project.

    However, if players want to save time or can not master the methods mentioned above, they can choose to buy POE Currency directly.