As a result of a life-changing lottery win for a Christchurch h

  • Thank you to a $2 tip from a client, Jennifer Monk now has a lifetime's worth of hairdressing memories to look back on!

    Monk and her clients, who include 101-year-old Margaret Mabin, will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of The Hair Factory at Bryndwr in April, bringing back fond memories of their time at the salon.

    Purchasing the salon when she was 23 years old allowed Monk to realize a lifelong dream she'd had since she dropped out of school at the age of 17 to pursue a career in hairdressing. Monk has been in the hairdressing industry ever since.

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    When I first saw the property, it was obvious to me that it would provide me with a source of income for as long as I needed it, she explained, recalling how she had acquired the property entirely by chance when she first walked past it.

    Approximately two years had elapsed between the time Monk and two other hairdressing colleagues received a $2 tip and the time they and their colleagues had originally arrived in Australia.

    Consequently, she explained, the remaining funds were used to purchase a lottery ticket with the remainder of the money she had saved.

    Their winning Sydney State Lottery ticket enabled Monk to re-open The Hair Factory in her hometown, which she had previously closed due to financial difficulties, thanks to the proceeds of the prize.

    Her work has taken her to thousands of clients' homes, where she has washed, colored, clipped, and dried their hair while getting to know them on a personal level as well as learning about their hair and their lifestyle.

    According to Monk, it's possible that someone will say something because they are aware that you are unfamiliar with all of their friends and relatives, which makes them feel comfortable saying something.

    During one of our conversations, she mentioned how her elderly clients simply tell me about their lives, which she thought was extremely interesting.

    On the left are the representations of two families: one family has four generations, and the other family has three generations.

    She has a regular clientele that includes Kevin Meates, a former All Blacks forward, and Crusaders players....
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    The number of people who admire you grows, and you begin to form friendships with them not only at work but also outside of the workplace as your reputation continues to spread. I've had the good fortune to work with a wonderful group of clients over the years.

    A long-time customer, Margaret has been a regular at the salon since it first opened its doors.

    I've known her since she was a small child, according to her, and have known her since then.

    The former client of Monk's salon recalled receiving a simple trim in the past, and she stated that she continues to receive that low-maintenance service today.

    In addition, Mary Margaret claims that she has never dyed her hair and that she has always worn her hair short, owing to her preference for the style during the heyday of Eton cropping. Marge also practices frugal grooming, lathering her hair with whatever soap she happens to have on hand and avoiding the use of shampoo and conditioner whenever possible.

    Because there were no other options available when I was growing up, everyone resorted to the use of Sunlight soap. The use of natural therapies was not available at the time, and it is impossible to know what they are using now, Margaret.

    Furthermore, it does not appear to have resulted in any physical harm.

    With a nice wave that always sits nicely on her shoulders, her hair is lovely, Monk continued, adding that she has a lovely smile.

    Getting caught up on their lives has been a pleasure for the two women over the years, and they have shared many family milestones such as weddings and anniversaries, as well as hair appointments, over the course of their friendship.