What is the best method for selecting a color for metal roofs

  • It is necessary to consider many different factors when selecting the color for a roof. These considerations include the materials used on the building's exterior, the requirements of the local code enforcement office, as well as personal preferences expressed by the owner of the property. Metal roofingprovides the business owner with the ability to select nearly any color, but not all of them will match or complement the aesthetic and theme of the building or structure. The trick is to strike a balance between what the client wants and what will look best with their current design and aesthetic.

    1. Examine the materials used in the construction of the structure

    Let's start with a look at the materials that make up the structure. Brick exteriors often look their best when paired with roofing materials that are either black or dark gray in color, which contrast with the rusty red color of the facade. Concrete gray and other lighter colors pair well with brown, gray, or even red roofing — as long as the gray is a different color from the exterior so that the building doesn't look like it was copied and pasted from a child's coloring book. Wood exteriors look their best when paired with brown, black, or gray roofs.

    Vinyl siding and other brightly colored exteriors pose a little more of a challenge. The color of the roof will need to complement the colors of the siding and trim.

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    2. Take into consideration the color of the building

    Take a look at the exterior color of the building next. The goal here is to complement the exterior without detracting too much attention from the facade and the carefully designed landscaping surrounding the building.

    The color white is the most commonly used for building exteriors because it is the most visible. It is easily soiled, but it is also extremely versatile, as it can be used with virtually any roof color. The colors black and red, as well as bare metal, make for the best matches. Yellow buildings are attractive and sunny, but the roof must be a contrast to the bright color of the building. Stick to muted colors such as black, brown, and gray for the most effective results in this space. Alternatively, blue is a good choice; however, avoid using bright shades.

    Cooler shades of blue are used on exteriors, and the roof should be a complementary color to the exterior. Colors such as black and gray are the best choices. Gray exteriors look great with slate-colored roofs, as well as black or blue roofs; however, muted and subtle colors should be used rather than brighter alternatives, as previously stated. Beige buildings don't have to be drab and uninteresting. To complement dark roofs, choose warm tones like browns and blacks as well as multicolored blends to complement the warm color scheme.

    3. Take into consideration the surrounding area

    For business and property owners, there are a plethora of metal roof color options to choose from. Nonetheless, it is critical to consider the appearance of the neighboring buildings, the overall appearance of the neighborhood, and the rules established by the local code enforcement office when making a design decision.

    Installing a bright pink roof may appeal to the business owner's inner child and may even catch the attention of potential new customers, but it could quickly turn into a costly problem if it violates the rules of the neighborhood in which it is located. Contractors must have this discussion with their clients prior to beginning work in order to ensure that any work they perform does not violate the rules and regulations of the local code enforcement office.