How do players understand Star Wars The Old Republic?

  • BioWare published an article on SWTOR’s system design, discussing the studio’s goals and how they present new game content. There is not much actual information that players can learn in the article, but the official plan is to provide better information on how to get specific items, such as decorations and special rewards. The continuous optimization of game content will better attract players to buy SWTOR Credits.  

    But the article does give players some insights into their game design philosophy. These concepts place great emphasis on setting short term, medium-term and long-term goals for players. Every time they complete these goals, they will receive rewards, such as SWTOR Money. Of course, simply getting SWTOR Credits by completing the goal may not meet the players’ game needs. If necessary, they can choose to Buy SWTOR Credits.    

    In the article, Bryan gave a shot that players can use to view the game system. Players can study the upgrade and skill upgrade system from the perspective of this system design, because it is the most important system in the game. And the system is being transformed for the new Legacy of the Sith expansion pack, to bring players a better gaming experience. To attract them to buy SWTOR Gold.   

    A good leveling and skill improvement system needs to perform well in teaching and games. SWTOR has repeatedly sacrificed player teaching, causing many players to find the game operation too challenging. It is more difficult for new players to take part in the game because they are not used to complex operations, such as difficult jumps. If the developer wants more players to play SWTOR and go to buy SWTOR Credits, then they need to upgrade the teaching system.