What is the currency system of Path of Exile?

  • When players first started playing, a large part of Path of Exile’s coolness was because of its complicated barter economy. Unlike Diablo 3, Path of Exile does not have a unified currency like gold that can trade items. Transactions in Path of Exile rely on multiple POE Currency to complete, and these currencies are also production resources. When players sell loot to suppliers, they will also pay them in these currencies.

    As mentioned above, Path of Exile does not have a common currency for transactions like gold. In the game, players use production materials for barter transactions. This item is a sphere in the game. They each have different effects and can change the item to affect its overall value. However, the de facto standard is Chaos Orb. These are relatively rare, but once you reach the last stage of Path of Exile, most of your transactions will require a certain amount of POE Orbs.

    In addition, players must also understand the details of the major currencies and the exchange rates of other currencies. For example, now players need about 160 Orbs of Alteration, which is very common to get a Chaos Orb. Path of Exile’s rarest item, the Mirror of Kalandra, sells for up to 48,300 Chaos Orbs.

    When deciding what to sell, unless the player can be sure to get a Chaos Orb, it may not be worth your time. Of course, players will sell items at lower prices, but more casual players should go out and explore the dungeon instead of trying to play the market, unless that’s your business. So try to explore the game and buy currency!