Path of Exile developers admitted that there are problems in Ex

  • It has been almost a month since Path of Exile’s expedition league, and so far the response has been mixed. The developer previously published an article outlining some changes in the game and responding to some of the most common criticism points. There are many POE Currency Buy available in this league Grinding Gear Games is confident that this applies to the current content design, but the potential problem is that based on the players’ performance in this league, they know that many parts of the league have not met the player’s expectations, resulting in low enthusiasm for the players. As a result, their demand for POE Currency has also decreased a lot.

    Path of Exile did not enable the gold system for various reasons, and the purpose of dispersing so many currency types is to encourage players to buy POE Currency from different suppliers, take time and make more strategies around their purchases decision making.

    The developer claimed has caused the supplier to use 20 currencies, and it feels like a lot. However, because players can hide them in Expedition lockers immediately after encounters, the diversity of currency types does not really cause additional inconvenience. No matter there are one, four, or twenty in the game, they still have to pick up a few things and hide them. But players do not fully believe this reasoning. They complain that having to store so much currency from inventory that is already full of other types of items is just annoying busy work.

    Either way, the developers mentioned that they have understood the demands of the players. There are too many types of fragments in Path of Exile, and developers will pay attention to this in the design of future versions. Currently, Expedition suppliers are getting some quality of life improvements, so the supplier window will show the number of running artifacts currently owned by the player. After they solve the current problem, I believe players will have more desire to buy POE Currency. Come on!