New World:A MMORPG game that has received widespread attention

  • In the summer, Twitch's growth rate has slowed down, but the growth trend has not been eliminated. Amazon "New World" as a new competitor squeezed into the live broadcast market of Facebook Gaming. After players flooded into the game's closed beta, "New World" had 34 million hours of viewing last month.

    Since the beginning of summer, the duration of content Cheap New World Coins broadcast has dropped significantly every month. The content played in July reached 1.8 billion hours, which is 23% higher than the figure in July 2020. This shows that Amazon's Twitch still controls most viewers for live broadcasts.

    Most of the top 10 games on Twitch also lost some ratings, including Grand Theft Auto 5, League of Legends, and Minecraft, where the total watch time dropped by 27%.

    The audience of the New World of MMORPG has expanded to Twitch. Its closed beta world started on July 20 and lasted until August 2. It was selected by a number of live broadcasters who focused on MMO. Although it did not enter the top ten in July, it received 34 million hours of viewing time.

    The beta version of New World ranked 14th on Twitch in July. This is a favorable data New World Coins point for the postponement of the game release date.

    For Twitch's non-gaming channels, its game content is generally sluggish. Many people turn to Twitch for alternative social networks or amateur networks. Compared with Twitch's market share slump in June-July, Facebook Gaming's market share has been steadily increasing. Its viewership in July increased by 53% year-on-year, setting a new viewing record of 533 million hours.

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