Kaczrowski was married to Karen in 2007

  • Kaczrowski was later laid off. In the eight months that followed Kaczrowski devoted his time on OSRS Items other interests such as chess. He created a massive chess game that combined old and modern pieces. The game is played on large boards and includes a guide that contains a legend.

    Kaczrowski admitted that he could chat for hours on chess. This is a sign of Asperger’s syndrome, a condition in which the affected can dominate conversations with those who are more interested in their personal interests. "I just created it to play it," he said with an enthusiasm that was reminiscent of a child. "I wanted something to play."

    A lot of the aspects of Kaczrowski's daily life became clearer after his diagnosis. His sensitivity to noise, his overload from interacting with people and his reliance on repetition and routine became obvious. He explained how following the same routine in a consistent daily, "freed his mind." Thinking is processing, which is difficult for someone with Asperger's.

    Kaczrowski was married to Karen in 2007. They recently purchased a house in Alexandria. Kaczrowski and Karen have found that owning their own home is beneficial to their lives. This lets him be more free away from distractions. Karen said that her husband lived in an apartment and people would always be on the move. It was hard for him to be around everybody.

    "Asperger's is a social, communication disability," she said, "It's not that he can't communicate, it's that it drains him." To prevent the effects of sensory overload, Kaczrowski makes the majority of Buy RuneScape Gold his shopping in the evening when there are less people in the stores. "It's great, because I can't always predict the places people will move to - and I don't want hinder their progress," he explained.