I did not realize that they could kill 15 easily n accurately

  • Tips: I discovered that I am now at lvl68 and that I want 1M gp to OSRS Items buy all of the gold ore that I need to reach lvl99. I will mine the ore and coal to make 15 bars of this new material once I am able to smelt it.I'll smith the weapons that I want as I progress in my levels. Then I'll sell them to make additional money or to earn exp. When I sell them at G.E.

    This is only my opinion of what I found to work well. I would like to hear your thoughts on what I could improve on. My name is Zoku012 If you'd like to contact me or add me to your list of friends on RS. I would like to assist you in mastering this tedious skill. Good luck everyone.

    It's amazing that I squandered 5 superstat restore n 10 prayers pots along with 30 sharks and 38 rockbite over the course of 3 days and still I'm not able to find the stuff I want. This is what transpired. I was trying to finish my diary for freminnik so that I could go deep. one of the hard task was to put on a complete set of skeletal, rockshell or spine armor and converse with a freminnik. My plan was to purchase my own raw materials.

    I was trying to kill the lv90 dagannothhides to get dagannothhides. I did not realize that they could kill 15 easily n accurately. After I had eaten off all my sharks within around 20 minutes, I realized this wasn't right. I managed to collect about 10 dagannoth hides and trynna go kill wallasalki for bones to make skeletal armor. I did not realize that I needed a second man to open the wallasalki door and, once more, on dat excursion, I threw away the bottle of a of prayer water (i was wearing my ranger gears, so i heavily depend on prayer at this point).

    I discovered later that wallasalki, despite being lv98, can hit like 19 and withdraw when it is severely injured. I was taught to utilize the narrow passageway at the back of the gun to prevent it from escaping. Then later on my handcannon failed (200k in one go!) To fight the wallasalki, i was forced into using Zanik's crossbow bone bolts (i am a bit overloaded!) I killed around 25 of them n still don't have all bones pieces. I gave up and bought an skeletal package from Ge. It took me only one day to Cheap OSRS Gold finish. Later on I resold it, but there was no potion n food left.