The first thing to note is that combat is horrific.

  • You can also mine rune essence in Varrock (you must finish Rune Mysteries). There is a bank close to RuneScape Gold the shop where you can be teleported. You can either sell the essence of rune (or create rune and then sell it).

    Now this is the best option in my opinion. You go to the barbarien village go to the entrance of the hole and then go to the finale level and take out the ankou's. You will receive drops like rune essence or coins and also u get exp for it. (The ankous' can be brought food and are at level 75.).

    You can ask any questions you have and correct me if I am incorrect. But don't forget that if you have any money-making shemes say them. hope i helped u make some money.

    The first thing to note is that combat is horrific. This encourages children to kill random people to be rewarded rather than penalized for their actions. It also encourages the killing of animals like chickens and cows. Dairy farmers should be scared. The list of attackable monsters is lengthy, I must also include unicorns. Yes, unicorns! Unicorns are magical and should be our friends. Jagex was responsible for their extermination.

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