This data could later be added to its animation database

  • The developers are EA, who created FIFA 22. It was the first time ever, EA motion-captured a real-time 90-minute soccer match, and then tracked the players' movements at cheap FUT 22 Coins an extremely precise level. This data could later be added to its animation database.

    The game publisher was looking for the biggest details down to the minute details, From how a full-back smacks the ball with their laces, to how a playmaker instantly glances over their shoulder prior to receiving a pass.

    "Ultimately it's about realism, which is what makes a better game," states Gareth Eaves, senior animation director at EA who conducted the live session. "We had wanted to do this for a long time but the technology had not been in place."

    Typically, EA uses optical capture actors, actors, and the occasional star footballer, such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, to write new animations.
    However, this requires a limited area with only one or two people at FIFA 22 Coins a single time - making it challenging to tackle the ball with speed or to pass the ball from one wing to the other. Limits on motion-captured play like one-on one dribbles must be converted by FIFA animators into fluid movements which mimic eleven-a-side match.