Each reward is randomly rolled from the loot table

  • At the end of each Treasure Trail, a player will dig from the ground to Cheap OSRS Gold find the Reward Casket. It comes at one of the six rarities that correspond to the difficulty of the completed trail. The box you choose from is either beginner, easy medium, hard elite, or master. Within the first you will get three to one reward in the second one , it will range from one to four.

    The third one gives 3 to 5. The caskets of elite and hard have between four and six prizes. The master casket can have from five to seven. Each reward is randomly rolled from the loot table, so you could receive the exact item multiple times in one casket. After you've completed all of the steps you will receive an empty casket with the reward that is chosen randomly from a pool specific to the difficulty of the scroll.

    Below we will list the highest level requirement, that might be required to complete the Treasure Trail. Be aware that you may only get tasks that do not require any skills and, therefore, in some cases the requirements listed aren't needed. However, if you want to harvest Clue Scrolls for the reward of gold or any other kind then you must complete the required tasks eventually.

    In addition to the skill prerequisites, tasks of Buy RS3 Gold medium difficulty and above can have quest requirements. Completing quests is not always required, since simply beginning these can give the player access to areas that they need access to.

    As you will see, the more difficult the Treasure Trail is, the greater the rewards you may receive. The only downside is that you will have complete more steps before getting a reward when completing higher tier scrolls, as unlike the lower-level ones.