The easiest creatures to kill would be Man and woman

  • If you have decided that you would like to RS Gold begin making money from hunting treasures, then you will have to prepare yourself for this job. First, you must ensure that you have met all the requirements necessary for the fulfillment of the clue you've decided to solve.

    You must meet both the quest requirements as well as the skill requirements. Do not purchase every item needed for each of the clues since you may not need every item. Instead, you should purchase them whenever they're required and then store these items at the end of the month for later use.

    Be sure you purchase items that assist you when traveling for long distances. Energy Potions and Stamina Potions are essential if your goal is to perform well. A set of town portals, or runes in Player Owned House (POH) will make your life much more enjoyable, so make sure you have you have them on hand.

    If you're ready to begin Treasure Trails, you will be required to purchase at least as many Clue Scrolls as you can. You will find some suggestions on how to obtain them down below.

    Beginner Clue Scrolls - You can collect them from any low-level creatures in 2007 RS Items. The easiest creatures to kill would be Man and woman. You can also kill Goblins and Cows at Lumbridge. The way you see it, these enemies aren't too difficult at all, so you'll be able to collect scrolls with much effort. The drop rates are somewhere around 1%. So you should expect to see one scroll for every 100 kills.