The City offers a huge playing area that players can relax and

  • For the latest generation console players, the penthouse is one of NBA 2K Coins three rewards you can earn for earning 100,000 MVP points. This requires you to complete a variety of quests around the City and throughout the MyCareer mode.

    The amount of MVP points rewarded for each quest is determined by which category the quest falls within and the difficulty involved in completing it. NBA 2K22 also awards players 10,000 VC and a zipline upon finishing an MVP for the City challenge.

    The new features, playable spaces, and game mechanics of NBA 2k22 will give players the chance to play with a variety of choices. There are some differences between the new-gen console and the current-gen versions of the game, with the most significant being the inclusion of the City on newer systems. Older gaming systems will be playing in the Neighborhood and on board the Cancha Del Mar Cruise Ship instead of wandering around the city.

    The City offers a huge playing area that players can relax and explore. The area is filled with possibilities for players to connect with NPCs or accomplish side quests, and upgrading to the penthouse with a view of the City. As the City grows into large open-world areas like the City and the City, comes the necessity of unlocking spawn points. It will result in more efficient navigation and faster activity completion.

    The players can make use of the spawn points to start their gameplay in NBA 2K22 Coins PC a specific area of the City. The ability to unlock them will begin when the side-quest Unlock Spawn Point becomes available. There are a total of 7 spawning points for players to select from.