Amazon New World will provide MMORPG fans with an unprecedented

  • Amazon Game Studios conducted a closed beta of New World from July 20th to August 2nd. Although after that, the development team delayed the release of New World by September 28. But the exciting experience during the closed beta left a deep impression on the players. At that time, it attracted over one million adventurers from all over the world. As the main game currency in Amazon’s New World, Cheap New World Coins has also helped players a lot from the side.

    Players use wars, New World Coins and other items to help their characters grow quickly to complete more difficult tasks. Even after that, some people even sold their New World accounts. At this stage, the weapons players can control are limited, and they must make full use of them to progress. First of all, everyone has a shield and a sword, enough to reach this level. After New World is officially available, their evasion ability at this level must reach the first-class level. If they cannot reach this level, they have to feel the taste of failure.

    After that, in order to maintain long-term stable development of their characters, players must deal with all the difficulties and tasks they face. And there are greater risks in that process. Therefore, the best way to deal with it is to use New World Coins to upgrade your equipment as soon as possible to enhance the overall strength of the character. In addition, players will need to continue to upgrade equipment and learn a skill on Aeternum Island. Crafting skills come in handy because they need to craft some weapons. For example, if players plan to get rid of bows and arrows and choose a fire staff, they need special materials to make the staff.

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