Bless Unleashed Accounts Duping Items are temporarily unavailab

  • For current Bless Unleashed players, the temporary unavailability of Accounts Duping Items may be a disadvantage. However, the developer strongly recommends that players try not to exploit the loopholes in Bless Unleashed, otherwise their accounts will be suspended or even banned. This is exactly what happened to some Bless Unleashed players who took advantage of item deception vulnerabilities. Therefore, it is best for them to get Bless Unleashed Star Seeds or upgrade items formally.

    The game team posted a Xbox server issue on Twitter, causing some packages to be deceived by players. This includes premium items and Lumena. The developers acted quickly to suspend the actions of the offending players. They explained that this behavior is not Bless Unleashed’s gameplay, so they temporarily suspended accounts that contained unfairly got duplicate items. The team has now lifted the ban on these accounts, except about 20 accounts. These problematic accounts took advantage of Bless Unleashed Star Seeds in a way that prevented developers from lifting the ban.

    They may need to purchase Lumena to compensate for the amount they spent without purchasing, so that their account will get rid of the state they owe Lumena to the system. Just recently, the studio announced that Bless Unleashed had over 1 million downloads on Steam. It achieved this milestone only 10 days after they released Bless Unleashed on PC on August 6. Such high popularity and honor, Bless Unleashed matched it. Developers need to consider to how to improve the playability of the game to keep players loyal to Buy Bless Unleashed Seeds for a long time.

    In addition, those who play normal games do not have to worry about this ban. If the existing results can no longer satisfy their strong ambition, then they can purchase more Bless Unleashed Star Seeds from IGGM to pursue better achievements. Come on!