Summary of outstanding issues in Bless Unleashed

  • Bless Unleashed is like other large MMORPGs, optimization issues come as with the package deal. While the game performs better compared to older MMORPGs and has better graphics overall, the system requirements are a little too steep. Some players even report having to turn their graphical settings to “low” with hardware such as Nvidia GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 580. For a game with graphics such as Bless Unleashed, that’s too demanding. There are better-looking games that run on the same hardware more smoothly.

    The user interface for Bless Unleashed, coming originally from a console release, makes it rigid on the PC version. It’s a console port and plenty of console elements have been ported over. The most notable of these are buttons and control schemes more suited for controllers. These can be radial menus, odd mapping, or lack of more Bless Unleashed Star Seeds. Over time, this issue can fix gradually. It’s not really that detrimental to gameplay but can function more than obstacles. At its worst, the console-based UI can be a frustrating hurdle, especially for players in a hurry.

    As mentioned earlier, the game offers players some PvP immunity scrolls in the in-game cash shop. Since PvP is mandatory after a certain threshold, players can see this cash shop commodity as aggressive peddling. That’s not where the aggressive cash shop items end. There are tons of other materials and boosters that cater to player progression. There are around 10 tabs in the microtransactions shop and plenty of the items being sold there for real money can give the players an enormous advantage. Since PvP is mandatory after a certain level, then anyone who has money to spare can get ahead of others in open-world PvP.

    Neowiz Games urgently needed these problems. And avid BU players are also actively purchasing Bless Unleashed Seeds from IGGM to continue to support their subsequent game activities and promote the strength of individual characters. I wish them a good time!