A Non-Mandatory PvP in Bless Unleashed needs to be solved urgen

  • Since Bless Unleashed came out, its ills have always condemned the game. Many people play Bless Unleashed the way they usually play MMORPG and purchase many Bless Unleashed Star Seeds, but the experience it brings to players is polarized, which also leads to the similar Bless Unleashed Star Seeds For Sale given to it on Steam. 50/50 positive and negative split. As far as Steam reviews are concerned, this does not look optimistic.

    What certainly doesn’t help improve Bless Unleashed’s status on Steam is the large number of issues it left over from the console version. It prevents the occurrence of a release that could have been smooth and generally pleasant. Some of these problems have simple Bless Unleashed Star Seeds, while they root others in the core system of the game, all of which prevent Bless Unleashed from becoming a happy experience.

    One of the most common complaints about Blessed Unleashed is that after players reach level 30, the mandatory PvP flag goes on. That means anyone can just about kill anyone, essentially providing a breeding ground for griefers. This is also present in other games such as Black Desert Online. But even there, the penalties are appropriate and can dissuade ill-mannered players. There is an option to turn the PvP off, but that only shuts down a player’s capacity to kill someone, not to be killed. The safest solution is by purchasing PvP immunity scrolls in the microtransactions shop in-game. That one has a limited time and the cost can easily add up.

    However, for the avid fans of Bless Unleashed, they don’t care about these seemingly very problematic, but will buy more Bless Unleashed Seeds and Bless Unleashed Boosting and Power Leveling to promote their development faster. Wait patiently for the game team’s solution.