How do Bless Unleashed players get enough Star Seeds?

  • Bless Unleashed is a massively multiplayer online game developed by Round 8 Studios and published for PS4 and Xbox One in 2020. It is a reboot of Bless Online. Similarly, Unleashed uses a free-to- play business model. Star Seeds are the main currency form in Bless Unleashed, which plays an extremely important role in the game. Because when the player’s character is about to die, they can resurrect the character with Bless Unleashed Star Seeds. In addition, players can also use these Star Seeds to travel the world faster and purchase items from the market.

    Although there are few ways to find and get Star Seeds, and it is more troublesome to implement, as long as you find the trick, it will solve everything. First, players can get Bless Unleashed Star Seeds by trading gold with an NPC named Olvera with a Star Seed Exchange title on their heads. What players need to focus on is that there is only one NPC in the game that can help them get Star Seeds in this way, and they can find this NPC in Carzacor.

    If other players buy things from the players themselves from the market, they can also get Bless Unleashed Star Seeds, but there are restrictions. They can view their own daily Star Seed exchange amount in the upper right corner of the world map. It is worth noting that players’ daily Star Seed cap will increase with their level, and the final cap will be 26.

    There are many uses for Bless Unleashed Star Seeds, some of which have already been mentioned. Players can use it to buy items that are sold on the market. Star Seeds can also be used to teleport to any teleport point the players unlock on the map. It can achieve this by opening the map and moving the cursor to Telepost and pressing the X on the controller. Although the resurrection effect of Bless Unleashed Seeds is very practical, it also has a time limit. Finally, players can use Star Seeds to redeem summoning tickets, repair tools, and upgraded stones from a limited-time merchant.

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