Grinding Gear Games postponed Path of Exile 2 again

  • According to reliable sources, Grinding Gear Games, the developer of Path of Exile, intends to postpone the Beta version of Path of Exile 2 until 2023. The full version of POE 2 may be officially available in 2024. They claim that this is for the players to get the most perfect and complete game experience, but for the players, it is undoubtedly another disappointment. They vented their emotions in the current Path of Exile expeditionary league and increased their purchase of POE Currency in order to fight more intensely.

    In the latest Baeclast podcast earlier (via PC Games), Chris Wilson reiterated that the work of the development team is still threatened and severely affected by COVID-19, although their development efforts have reached its peak since the pandemic. It is a certainty that POE 2 will not release before 2024. The open beta he promised before will also go live in 2023 at the latest. Path of Exile 2 was officially announced nearly two years ago, and its public beta should have taken shape. When COVID-19 swept the world, Grinding Gear Games had to slow down its development speed, because it took time to block and switch to a remote model, making it almost impossible to recruit more POE Currency.

    There are seven acts in Path of Exile 2. Chris Wilson confirmed that the first act is almost complete, and the second act is about to be completed. Unfortunately, this still leaves five other scenes that have not yet started, and why the developers don’t want the sequel to be completed soon. Fortunately, Path of Exile 2 is now in full production mode, so fans can keep looking forward to no further unforeseen delays. Previously, the tentative release date of Path of Exile 2 was 2022, and they have now extended it for several years. The game received some POE Orbs as part of its live broadcast last year, and it looks great.

    They based the sequel on its original version with impressive visual improvements, two new spear and crossbow weapons, a mobile operating base, new vendors, new special effects and animations, and many new games Explore ways to play. And if players wait until then and want to continue their brilliant achievements in Path of Exile, they’d better buy some POE Currency in advance to improve their chances of winning. Look forward to it!