Path of Exile Patch 3.15.1 once again improves the game experie

  • Patch 3.15.1 has just joined Path of Exile and adds a lot of new improvements and bug fixes. They introduced instilling and Enkindling orbs in the 3.15 patch. The former adds some enchantments to players’ practical flasks, while the latter can improve the flasks by enhancing the effect for not gaining charge during the flask effect. Although they are definitely useful, they are rare and you will need a lot of them if you want to pop up the correct enchantments. However, Instilling Orbs are easier to find, although they are still rare compared to other orbs. Patch 3.15.1 adds vendor recipes for converting Instilling Orbs to Enkindling Orbs and vice versa. They are not available by default, and players must discover these recipes themselves. However, developers have noticed that POE Orbs is easy to get.

    In the previous patch, those who want to unlock the “30% stun and block recovery” upgrade to unlock the Soul of the Brine King pantheon power must fight Otesha in the iceberg map. The problem is that Otesha does not spawn all the time, which means players must go back to the iceberg map again and again until it appears. Fortunately, the developer has changed the requirement to kill Glace, who is the boss of the Beach map. If players can really do this, they will have the opportunity to get more loot.

    In the current version, one of the surprising skill gems is Shield Crush. The reason is that its damage scaling is very good, which is why many people are using it. There was a problem. If the players leaned against the wall, the skill could not cause damage. Fortunately, this has been fixed. If players are using the new Summon Reaper skill gem, they may have noticed that its two consuming skills share POE Currency. This is very annoying, especially when players save a skill on another boss. The good news is that it has now been fixed.

    The developers plan to add Instilling Orb’s mod to Crafting Bench in the future. Players who want to know more game news can go to POECurrency for a detailed strategy guide. If they want to maintain a strong competitiveness for a long time, they can also buy more POE Currency to achieve this goal. No one is always at the top, only those who insist on long-term development have more hope.