What is included in Path of Exile Update 1.87 Patch?

  • Developer GGG has released the Path of Exile 3.15 extension on all available platforms. Although the release on PS was not so smooth, mainly due to the delay of the database for a while, but fortunately it has been resolved normally. What is included in the first patch of Path of Exile in August, named 1.87? Are there any new gadgets that can stimulate players’ desire to buy POE Currency? If players are currently playing a PlayStation version of the game, the patch number should be version 1.87. Otherwise, the new patch of the game will recognize as 3.15.0f. The new update does not contain any new content, but they have made some improvements and bug fixes to the game.

    1: They have increased the log drop of rune POE Currency during the expedition by 54%.
    2: The Expedition Artifact now has a larger stack size in the map, and it zooms in as the map level increases.
    3: Merchant recasts of rune monsters are now dropped in 1-2 stacks on the white map and zoomed to 1-4 stacks on the red map.
    4: The map curse modifier no longer has an enhanced effect.

    Bug fix
    1: Fixed a bug in summoning the Reaper skill, which allowed a second separate skill gem and support to command the Reaper.
    2: Fixed a bug where the lethal belief of using flesh and stone allowed to activate the second aura without retaining cost.
    3: Fixed a common instance crash.

    This is a restart-free deployment of the patch, so players need to restart the client to receive client updates, especially Map Curse modifier changes need to restart the client to update the description. And players can also get a more complete game experience and have more motivation to Buy POE Currency to launch an impact towards their great goals.