Path of Exile 3.15.0e changed some things in "Royale" Mode

  • Not long ago, there was a 3.15.0e update available in Path of Exile, which affected some things in “Royale” Mode. Players in this mode can gain more experience when killing players, and there are more monsters to kill to get more loot. In the expansion of Expedition, the lead developer Chris Wilson said that they are redoing the Royale mode to provide players with a different kind of fun. It will be available every weekend until the end of the Expedition League. It reflected royale mode in many games. Every player is on the same starting line, which has a great test for the skills mastered by each player.

    Patch 3.15.0e introduced these changes in Royale mode. For example, when the players are disconnected, his corpse will be left in place. If other players pass by at this time, then they can plunder the wealth held by the corpse. They also designed the new update here to help players level up faster. That’s because killing another player will get 500 experience points plus 20% of the player’s total experience. The previous setting was only 200 points plus 20%. Now, Royale mode encourages players to kill only people at the same level as them. Patch 3.15.0e reinforces this by imposing certain POE Currency, killing those two lower levels will reduce the experience gain by approximately 60%.

    Because combatants need time to gain the skills and support gems needed to defeat others, monsters will drop more gems. Now, players in the Royale mode will find that the equipment dropped from monsters and treasure chests is less likely to be magical, and more likely to be ordinary or rare. Items generated on the ground are more likely to be skills and support gems. Ball Lightning now deals approximately 35% more damage to players. Its damage to monsters did not change the flat damage component of the explosion of the explosive arrow, which was reduced by 20% at all levels. In addition, explosive arrows now deal approximately 24% less damage to Buy POE Currency.

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