Path of Exile developers clarified some things about Expedition

  • GGG has released Path of Exile Expedition on various platforms, but now it seems that the community does not like the direction of the game. This prompted the lead developer to clarify some things about the upcoming update. Chris Wilson, the lead developer of Path of Exile, expressed his views on the issues raised during the expedition patch notes on Reddit. Before that, the patch notes contained so many POE Currency. So much that many people have expressed their dissatisfaction with the changes in the 3.15 extension.

    The developers hope that Path of Exile can return to its best state, and they don’t want the pace of the game to become so fast. Wilson said that he and his team have reached a tipping point where they need to resolve the spread of power. Some players may worry that the nerfs in the patch notes will seriously affect their gaming experience. Wilson assures the players that the impact will not be large, so that players can play with confidence. The developers stated that the changes they made in Expedition are a well-thought-out series that sounds daunting, but the overall impact on the way players play the game may be less than they thought.

    The lead developer also clarified that the mana cost of certain gems will increase in the next update. The developer found that some auxiliary gems are not very helpful to the players. This prompted them to make some adjustments. Wilson said that they have not yet come up with an effective solution for matching gems. Therefore, the wording used in the declaration is vague. He apologized for this and vowed to improve their communication in future updates.

    In addition, with the thousands of changes implemented in the game expansion, there will always be some mistakes when passing information from one department to another. This may cause some errors in the presentation of the final patch notes before they released the extension. Wilson assured the community that they will continue to improve this process and welcome any feedback that can help them do this. And players are also willing to Buy POE Currency to fight hard in the game to get a stimulating and fun game experience. Amazing!