Players can get loot in the field of Path of Exile Expedition

  • Players who have been familiar with the basic gameplay of Path of Exile Expedition before should know that they can blow up some ancient artifacts in the game and sell them to merchants to earn POE Currency. Chris Wilson also announced a series of changes to the game, including nearly 20 skills and support gems, potion rework, new items, the return of Path of Exile: Royale, and more. Expedition expansion adds a new event where players can bomb artifact sites to get equipment.

    Entrusted by Kalguur, players will place traps along the ground to dig for loot and other artifacts. But these explosions also caused ancient Kalguur to rise from the grave and fight back. Not only can they use explosives to complete missions, but they can also blast some ancient walls to hunt for treasures. Maybe they can pick up some ancient artifacts or treasures. Sometimes some players get lucky by opening dilapidated chests and get powerful loot.

    Although players who gain artifacts may bargain with Kalguur, they must remember not to anger these NPCs, otherwise the transaction may fail and result in nothing. Players need to balance making deals and NPCs that don’t provoke them. Grinding Gear Games has also made many major changes to Expedition. Players will get 19 new skills and support gems. The studio will also redesign the game’s Flask system, which previously forced players to tap keys with their fingers. The developers say that before the change, some players even created homemade devices to help press multiple keys at the same time.

    All these additions are accompanied by many nerfs, which may cause divisions in the community. Grinding Gear Games launched a new initiative to make Path of Exile more challenging, starting with changing the balance of the game. Players can also Buy POE Currency to deal with those challenges that are gradually becoming difficult, in case they spend a lot of effort but achieve nothing.