Path Of Exile: Expedition provides players with an explosive an

  • The new expansion of Path Of Exile allows players to use bombs to dig out bad guys. Hack and Slash RPG Path Of Exile just launched another expansion pack, which brings a lot of game updates, adjustments and new challenge alliances. Path Of Exile: Expedition is an explosive league. Players need to detonate the expedition location and kill all creeps that climb out to get a lot of rich rewards including a lot of POE Currency and rare items. POE’s scheduled release day maintenance has ended, so players are now free to join the queue to learn about new content.

    In the Expedition League, players will encounter a group of Kalguuran merchants and help them retrieve the rune artifacts of their ancestors. At the marked expedition site, they must strategically place a series of explosives and detonate them. These explosions will unearth a large group of undead Kalguur. Players must kill them to collect the equipment and artifacts buried in them. After they bring the goods home, they can hand over the cultural relics to Kalguuran merchants through bargaining and bartering. Players can also make logs leading to other adventure sites or trade with other players to get what they want.

    GGG said that in addition to the new challenge league, Expedition also brought many new skill gems. Players can get all these details in the Expedition patch notes or the news interface of the POECurrency website. The first act of POE also has some changes, including making monsters more dangerous and adding new cell creeper and ghoul enemy types. The Path Of Exile: Royale mode is back as a weekend mode.

    The development team will continue to optimize and maintain the Expedition League in the next three months to provide players with a long-term, high-quality gaming experience. And those players who are starting to take risks in the game now are best to Buy POE Currency in advance before detonating activities, otherwise they may fail in the mission and get a bad experience.