Depending on the resolution and aspect ratio of the screen it a

  • When evaluating the resolution of an LCD display, it is important to note that it is frequently considered to be an important indicator of the display effect produced by the LCD display. It has been proven that higher resolution images have a clearer effect on a computer screen than lower resolution images.



    Consider the following illustration:the display is a 7-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 1024 600 pixels and an aspect ratio of 16:9. the display is made of plasticWhat method do you use to calculate this? By searching for the formula on the Internet, which I summarized as 4:3 = 1.3333.... 16:10 = 1.6666......; 16:9 = 1.77777....., you can also find it by typing in the numbers. The ratio of a 7-inch LCD can be calculated using direct application, that is, by dividing by the discriminant and obtaining the result, such as 1280 * 800 is the ratio of a 7-inch LCD? orIn this case, the ratio of 1280 to 800 is 1.6, and the ratio of 16:10 is 1.6666... which means it's a 7-inch small lcd screen with a 16:10 resolution of 1280 to 800.



    Is it something that makes you feel uncomfortable after you've finished reading it? In part because of the resolution of the 7 inch LCD manufacturer, you can not only determine the size of the displayed on the 7 inch transflective display, but you can also determine whether the display is horizontal or vertical in orientation, as well as what aspect ratio the display is displayed in.